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The facts and statistics provided below are selections from studies and provide factual information based on the research team’s findings.The information is not intended to diminish the possibility of risk to you or someone you know.I can put my cell phone on silent while we slow dance in the den, but I cannot turn it off.Not on the anniversary of our first date, and especially not on New Year’s Eve.Sometimes we would rather have a hot stone massage from a total stranger than a conversation of substance.

I loved him for who he was, but mostly for who he was not. I liked being able to relinquish control, even if just in the restaurant ordering wine. But here is the thing, and here is what so many men miss: Women who are charged with doing it all — women like me who care for children and sometimes elderly parents and homes and careers — sometimes we want to do one less thing.The idea of being close emotionally or physically with someone — anyone — was far too unsettling.I said no, thank you, to any offers but took the compliment they extended and that was all I needed for a while.Staying out of the game was also about more than not wanting to waste my spare time. It was cleaner, less dangerous, less fussy, and it definitely made me less insecure. I spent so many years without romance, filling up my life with my children and my work and every detail to keep it all afloat, and my needs receded.It was about my ability to trust someone, anyone outside my immediate family. It was not even noticeable at first; I stopped wanting and figured that wasting my time mourning the loss of real affection was like ranting at a sunset or a rainstorm. Then in the summer of 2004, I suspended my fears and disbelief and waded slowly into a relationship with a man who was completely unlike my former husband.

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I guess I could have taken a chance on one of them and fallen in love.