Sedating massage

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Sedating massage

Our enthusiasm for herbal medicine is undoubtedly fueled by the high cost of prescription drugs, the fact that these drugs do not work for everyone, and a burgeoning interest in natural remedies.

There are some speculations about cold remedies like acetaminophen causing excessive laughing among children.

Excessive laughing may be associated with psychological or mental problems.

This is common especially in highly depressed people who might get euphoric at simple positive stimuli and find humor in everything.

Treatment of spasticity and muscle tightness by medication and physical and occupational therapy is needed to prevent painful and disabling contractures in the hips, knees, ankles, shoulders and elbows.

Surgical measures are considered for those rare cases of spasticity that defy all other treatments.

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In schizophrenia the coordinating between the five sensory organs and ability to comprehend is highly distorted resulting in varied responses.

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