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Problems in dating doctor

Yesterday, Greg was very busy packing up some gifts to send out to family and friends. He had a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, and even a house warming to send gifts out forand the events all took place in the same week!The football season was coming to an end and the regional playoffs were this weekend.Pretty much any make you wanted was available, although some manufacturers you had to special order to get...Eddie and four of his friends chatted on Facebook last night about the first snowfalls of the season.They were all in second grade now and all in different classes.Tomorrow was Show & Tell at school so there was a flurry of activity this afternoon while they tore their rooms apart, deciding what to bring in to share with their class...On her way home from work on Monday night, Sherry realized that on her daily commute she passed four ice cream stands.

So they decided to meet on Saturday morning for a leisurely breakfast instead.After all, there was still plenty of winter to come!Sara really needed to go to the doctor for her check-up... All four had been persistently reminding her that she was overdue for check-ups.But she'd been travelling a lot for work and just hadn't had the time to make her appointments...With spring in the air, everyone's starting to think about spring clean-up so Jeff spent all week after school and all weekend doing odd jobs around the neighborhood to earn some spending money.

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Even she had to travel, coming from Texas where shed stayed after finishing college...