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Pinoy pagdating ng panahon by wingtip

The way she speaks, the sound of her voice akin to that of a fingernail screeching on the blackboard, her choice of English words that can only come from dusty, cobwebbish attics, her high-falluting attitude, and the way she laughs in an unnatural and contrived manner are all good soundbites that never failed to get a laugh or two. True to form, the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona has drawn the best and the worst from Miriam Defensor Santiago. Her daily tirades, lectures, bombasts (or whatever you may want to call it) on the prosecution are not lost on the people watching the trial. and the manner by which they handle their case didn’t help in abating the lady senator’s contempt for them.

But this does not excuse Miriam Defensor Santiago, senator or not, in treating the prosecutors in a huff and condescending manner.

Now, is it too much to ask the lady Senator from Iloilo and Quezon City and her fellow Senator-judges to give a little leeway to Atty.

Vitaliano Aguirre II for his momentary act of insanity?

Aguirre, corona, impeachment trial, lady senator, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Senator Miriam, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, Vitaliano Aguirre II everytime a presidential election looms up, the scenario of a no-el always comes up.

this time, it’s the automated election and the con-ass (or charter change or whatever they prefer to call it).

And seeing our high officials, elected or appointed, acting in a pompous manner is truly disheartening. Words like decency and respect have been transplanted by corruption and impropriety, by indecency and disrespect.

we’ve been so calloused and so used to it for as long as our collective memory can recall.

as for the con-ass, i hope against hope that gma still has some decency, however small (pun not intended), left in her to leave malacanang at her appointed time.

now that we all saw the masses of people who grieved and braved the rains to see the funeral cortege of pres aquino, we can probably bury con-ass as well.

and now that we can move on to a future without gloria, the question we might as well ask ourselves is what lies ahead after gloria. we can go on and on and quantify the ills that beset our society and, no question about it, our country will still be in the same situation it has been – a poor, graft-ridden country whose self-proclaimed public leaders equate public service to enrichment of their own selves at the expense of the taxpayers and live a life that will make caligula green with envy.

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she is even worse than her disgraced predecessor who as we all know is a convicted plunderer.

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