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Now, I’m Look it in the eye and make peace with it. Accept it, take any necessary actions, and move on.If you mentally resist it, it’ll sink it’s teeth, sometimes with jaws so powerful every cell of your being will scream in agony. Sure, you may need to get a few stitches and maybe even some rabies shots, but it’s better than letting that beast gnaw on your appendages until you bleed out entirely.– Stepped up my my exercise program – Started meditating – Started eating 90% good clean food ( portions have always been a big problem for me, even to this day ) – I added in fresh raw veggie juice – Started reading lots of good positive stuff again – Committed to writing daily about the kinda stuff my soul to write about, instead of just marketing stuff – Began doing visualization techniques again – Began daily gratitude exercises – Began practicing forgiveness exercises – Stopped 99% of all my complaining … As a young boy, Larry experienced extreme sexual abuse, torture, starvation and homelessness. Not only does he help people get into shape with his gym, teach people how to defend themselves with what is probably the most efficient and gnarly kind of self-defense known to man, Krav Maga, but he also helps people with his All Works for Good Ministry Larry was one of the guys who really proved himself as a friend and was there for me during my darkest hours.including the little complaints that most of us do but don’t even notice Now, it’s important to note that I DIDN’T tackle all this stuff at once. Why does so much bad shit happen to me all the time? That dude has seen me in tears more times then I’d like to admit.someone who’s never dared to go after anything worthy…someone who’s never truly And because we’re the protagonist of our little drama here, our problems may seem like their some kinda big deal. But if we die tomorrow, our problems wouldn’t matter one bit…It’s hard to take on 10 new habits at once, but one new habit every month or so over the course of a year, is not only doable, but it will also lead some changes in your life. And I stayed that way for the better part of a decade, building up a nice little life for myself: loved ones, good health and fitness, built two successful businesses helping people…

Because the outside, is just a projection of what’s going on inside.How To Get Back Up On Your Feet and Kick Some SERIOUS Ass… it’s what we do when we hit the ground that matters…. At one point I had nearly a decade clean and sober. Or do we get back up and transmute our failures into something great?And before long, those 1%’s, compounded with interest, add up to FAR more than 100%. allowing me to share my experience, as well as what works for me, with others.I would not have my beautiful daughter Zoe, had not every second, and every inch, happened exactly as it did… Sure, I might have some beautiful little girl, but it wouldn’t be Zoe.

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