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Also pottery-making begins in the Indian sub-continent.

Mehrgarh Period II ceramic culture (5500-4800 BCE) is centred on present-day northwest India and Pakistan.

Pottery-making begins in the Greek region of Thessaly. Xinglongwa Chinese Neolithic Culture in Inner Mongolia, noted for its low-temperature cylindrical ceramic ware.

By this date pottery was being produced throughout the Russian Far East, notably by the Gromatukha and Novopetrovsk cultures.

Pottery-making spreads to the Russian Far East - see Amur River Basin Pottery. Nanzhuangtou Chinese Culture based in southern Hebei. Late Halaf-style ceramics were exceptional for their high quality polychrome painting.

Houli Chinese Neolithic Culture, centred on Shandong.

Also renowned for its funerary storage jars decorated with volutes and sawtooth patternwork, applied with sweeping brush strokes of black and red colour pigment.

For details of the various colour pigments used by Neolithic ceramicists, see: Prehistoric Colour Palette.

Tourneys/tournettes (primitive types of potter's wheels) first used in the Middle East.

Early Jomon Japanese pottery: noted for cord-marked earthenware cooking & storage vessels.

Chinese Neolithic Hemudu Culture in Yuyao, Zhejiang produced thick and porous pots, typically coloured black with charcoal and decorated with curvilinear and geometric designs.

Start of Eastern Linear Pottery Culture which spreads into Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine.

Chinese Hongshan Culture (4700-2900) develops in Inner Mongolia and northeastern China.

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Cishan potters produced a more diverse range of pots including basins, serving stands, and ornate drinking cups. Oldest faience workshop in Egypt established at Abydos.