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Libia marriage dating site

When this discharge is exposed to the air, it becomes brownish-yellow, so it is normal to find a yellowish stain on your knickers in the middle of the monthly cycle.There may also be a feeling of moistness and stickiness.A sexual health clinic can look at the samples under the microscope straight away, and can usually tell you the diagnosis within half an hour, though they are also sent to the main laboratory for confirmation.Do not be surprised if you see the doctor or nurse testing the acidity of the discharge with litmus paper, or mixing some of it with a liquid (potassium hydroxide) on a glass slide and then sniffing it; these are tests for bacterial vaginosis.The clinic may be checking for gonorrhoea, which can damage your Fallopian tubes and infect a future sexual partner without you having any further symptoms.

About one-fifth of women with gonorrhoea have a foul-smelling, greenish-yellow discharge.It causes a discharge that is often frothy and yellowish-greenish, but it may be thin and scanty.The discharge is smelly, and the vulva is often itchy and sore. It is caught from a man who has it, but he may be unaware of his condition as most men with trichomoniasis do not have any symptoms.After a week or two, the tampon begins to fester, and there will be a foul-smelling discharge. If a woman has unprotected sex with a man who has it, she has a 60-90% chance of catching it.It is serious because if it is not treated, it can spread upwards to the Fallopian tubes.

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