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He also received a Toyota Educational Foundation grant for international business simulation and the Japan America Society Special Services Award. on the national map by clearly defining the school's mission, raising the funds to carry out that mission even in these dif­ficult economic times, and recruiting a nationally recognized faculty. Herberger, the Cox school completed a build­ing program with state­of- the-art facilities. " His business asso­ciations include service THUNDERBIRD NAMES ANEW PRESIDENT "It is a pleasure to be associated with an insti­tution of higher learning that has formed a strong bond with corporate communities all over the world through the Thunderbird alumni net­work. 'i\t the same time, our nation's challenge of regaining its international competitiveness will mean that educational insti­tutions like Thunderbird must seek new oppor­tunities to be of service to both public and private constituents. THUNDERBIRD MAGAZINE 2 Working Side By Side John '80 and Rosita '83 Rossi have spent the last six years working side by side to build a very successful personal computer business, Blue Chip Interna tional.

An editorial in the Dallas News praised Herberger for putting SMU's Cox School of Business " . I intend to work with the faculty, alumni, and current student body toward keeping the school's reputation as having the best U. curriculum solely developed for graduate international management studies," says Dr. I look forward to being part of those changes that will have an impact on the school as well as the global business future. Both grew up in Arizona and gradu­ated from Arizona State University.

During Voris's adminis­tration, Thunderbird became ranked the nation's top international graduate business program. Thunderbird alumni are meeting the challenges that a dual career couple faces, and meeting them well.

Prior to his SMU appointment in 1982, Herberger was associate. Current records show more than 500 couples in which both husband and wife are Tbirds.

Ira and Sandy Sanderson London are not unu­sual in successfully blending interna­tional careers and raising two-year-old Rachel in New York.

Ira and Sandy graduated from Thun­derbird in 1977 and have been married since 1979.

"She had actually started a job search," says John, "but got into the business very quickly and it was just a very natural thing for her to stay." The Rossis have learned to separate home and business.

"We have been in business for six years and at first it was overwhelming because you do talk about work at home," says Rosita.

He will begin working on behalf of Thunderbird April 1, 1989 and will assume the office of president effective July 1. Turner, chairman of the School's board of trustees. Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist Uni­versity. William Voris, who will retire as president after 18 years in the position. Klein '47 Berger Erickson '86 T'BIRDS MARRIED TO T'BIRDS The dual-career phenomenon is the most important change of the 20th century comparing in magnitude to the Industrial Revolution, according to a well-known sociologist.

Thunderbird Alumni Association 1988-89 Board of Directors Chairman of the Board Stephen F. Since Rosita was at Thunder­bird and they had grown up in Arizona, Phoenix was a logical choice. Rosita was attending Thun- derbird in the mornings and helping out at Blue Chip in the afternoons.

The original plan was for Rosita to help out, but also use the office to look for a job.

"This school, more than any other in the United States, is focused on the training of young people who will be in the front line of the practice of global business. Herberger has enjoyed wide recognition for his highly regarded work in international management education over many years. Herberger's direction, the American Graduate School of International Management will continue its innovative leadership in meeting the changing requirements in management education for international business, as it has for over forty years. CONTENTS 2 T'BIRDS MARRIED TO T'BIRDS A BALANCING ACT 8 CAMPUS NEWS 13 BOARD OF TRUSTEES PROFl LE WILLIAM C. Peterson 77 Treasurer Larry K Mellinger '68 Secretary Bobbie M. After graduation he took a job with GTE Microcircuits and later was European sales manager for a computer firm.

With his appointment, we are confident that the future of Thunderbird is in highly competent hands." N. TURNER 14 Up, UP, AND AWAY THE AT&T THUNDERBIRD BALLOON CLASSIC 16 VIEWPOINT THUNDERBIRD WHO'S WHO 17 NEl WORK 18 THE THUNDERBIRD COLLECTION 24 ALUMNI UPDATES 32 FIRST TUESDAY Thunderbird Magazine Winter 1989 Quarterly magazine of the Alumni Relations Office of the American Graduate School of International Management, Thunderbird Campus. 85306 (602) 978·7135 TELEX 187123 FAX (602) 439·5432 American Graduate School of International Management Director of Communication and Editor: Nelda S. Naftzger Communication Secretary: joann Toole Design: Pat Kenny Graphic Design Director of Alumni Relations and Publisher: Bobbie M. Rosita says, "I had made plans to move to Hong Kong, Scotland, and Germany. The company was going through great growth, and they didn't care about the families - just their business.

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He was responsible for marketing the program to major foreign-based firms throughout Asia. Some say that perhaps a career and achievement may not be the most important thing after all.