Hiv positive gay male dating site dating service with no sign up

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Hiv positive gay male dating site

‘My first instinct was to laugh, because I thought I had misheard or it was some sort of joke,’ he said.

‘I left the doctors that day catatonic and numb – life as a HIV positive man – and found myself crying down the phone to a friend, just managing to utter the word ‘positive’.’ He now realises his first reaction to fear the worst was not how things needed to be.

‘I’m part of National HIV Testing Week this year, because I want everyone to know that knowing your status is really important, and if you have HIV, being diagnosed early is much better,’ Chris said.

‘We need to remove the element of fear that surrounds HIV testing, as well as the stigma that surrounds HIV, because your future self will thank you.

Hey guys, I am HIV positive gay for a few of months, and I am 29 years old. My right partner should be HIV positive, because I need a relationship not just for sex, but for the future.

If you have doubts about me, you can log on to the site: to see my profile, my user name is herry. Are you worry about being rejected and discriminated?

‘My hope is that my words will encourage, inspire and educate everyone to get tested, start talking!Their reply was ‘you’ll probably live longer than me’.’ ‘Now, two years on, I look back at that time and think how surreal it was and how much has changed, for the better.” Chris is now a peer mentor for Positively UK, where he supports others who are recently diagnosed to come to terms with HIV. ‘Attending a newly diagnosed course was fantastic – I was meeting other people in the same position as me, and, to my surprise, they weren’t all gay men.‘When I was first diagnosed I did worry about the reaction from my friends, and I was unsure what my life would be like,’ he said. There were straight men and women, young and old, which proved that HIV can and does affect everyone.The NHS also has a database showing services near you – just type in your postcode and take your pick.Most big hospitals run a walk-in service at their sexual health clinic, so you just show up on the day with no appointment necessary, and wait your turn.

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