Hinsdale amateur webcam

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Hinsdale amateur webcam

term may have originated with Chachi from Happy Days. A very minor dizziness that lasts for no more than two minutes. Describes people with little social skills who attempt to make conversation by endlessly quoting from whichever film or TV show is popular at the time. Example: After the station played Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Example: I can't believe that guy shaves his chest! Causes are unknown; however, it is believed to be caused by too much television or time spent in front of the computer. my strong chanticipation of Rock the Casbah was dashed by a string of commercials.

A Rhode Island milk shake does not contain ice cream. Individuals who are of great arrogance, or who are wholly belonging to the mainstream society and laws of social conformity and use that to their advantage. No one has to tell you you're a Camperoo..just KNOW. Since carp are crap fish, I figure the definition makes sense.

Cacks are also identified as assholes or similar offensive names. Example: Some believe J Lo may have the most profound case of callipyge ever recorded. Short for Could Lose a few pounds Usually used to describe a female that is not ugly but slightly overweight. Can also be used followed by a number indicating the amount of weight needs to use. Example: Tyler's absence of complaints about the heat, ability to camp comfortably for three days with a minumum of gear, and campsite left exactly as he found it showed him to be a true Camperoo. Example: Bits of road c Arp and filth blew in her face as she drove down the interstate in a car without a windshield.

A type of opponent, mainly seen in FIFA soccer video games, who constantly taps the C button to kick the ball downfield, which sometimes results in goals. Example: Did you see that scene where Travolta drove that Jaguar into a bus and it burst into flames? Uses: In any FPS game, Ever Quest, Paintball and other multiplayer games where a player can gain a cheap upper hand by remaining in the same place.

What cars in R-rated action movies typically come equipped with, since they seem to explode in fantastic and colorful fashion at the slightest impact. The player merely stays in one place and has hence sets up camp.

Example: When that cute waitress started flirting with me, it was only a matter of time before my girlfriend and her got into a Cat Fight. where such misuse results in an amusing or ambiguous sentence.

Example: In a recent advertisement for a freezer, the company used the term its' cool box.

A person addicted to using her cell phone, and is seen to use it very frequently.(Paul is a very well-known performer with Cirque du Soleil. Swanky, usually pertaining to a gift or new acquisition.Check out the show next time you're in Las Vegas.) A website that exists but for no other purpose than to direct you tothe website's new location or new owners. , it became nothing but a century 21 page to Yahoo! Before Wheel of Fortune started awarding cash prizes, contestants were required to use the money they won to purchase prizes. This word means excellent, fantastic and is believed to come from the sound falling coins make when you collect from a slot machine. Example: Thanks for cooking a great meal; it was ch ching.To us, it means to get all wrapped 'round the axle about something. Example: Why does Bootsy always do his catloaf right on the section of the paper I'm trying to read?my dogs, like to bark at cats, and the mailman, so we just call the mailman, and the cats in the neighborhood, here comes the catman, and they just go wild, looking up and down the street for them, it also has turned into the kids getting out of school, as catkids Example: A cool cat who is in business. Catrepreneurs use fair and honest business practices. Refering to brain functioning or body parts most commonly but can describe any situation that is dysfunctional or misfunctional.

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