Hairdresser for dating

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They after all are the ones who make the models in the adverts look like they have just stepped out of a salon.The resultant hair envy fuels the ludicrous amount women spend on hair care products.Then there are the straight snippers, who when asked why they entered the profession will quote the 1985 movie Shampoo as their inspiration.

I noticed a mysterious trash bag sitting in the corner, so I went over to see what was in it. Every once in a while, I’ll be getting ready for work in the morning and discover that my hair dryer is missing.Some fashion editors on glossies even negotiate a hefty discount (say 70 per cent) at affiliated salons who wish to have their hair stylists and products credited on an ongoing basis in the magazine.A mane match made in heaven; the editor gets perfect tresses and the stylist and salon get perfect PR.There is always competition to secure the most talented and talked about hairdressers, and girls I work alongside undertake a financially crippling and time-consuming program of follicle upkeep.From colour, cut and blow dries at West End salons costing £650 to 100ml £137 Frederic Fekkai hair repair treatments, it's an expensive necessity.

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Some may regard my must have £28 conditioner as an indulgent treat, but my colleagues would regard it as a mere basic.

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