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(Even today, the latter eclipses every other category of violating content.) Videos of child abuse, beatings, and animal cruelty followed.

By late 2007, You Tube had codified its commitment to respecting copyright law through the creation of a Content Verification Program.

Maybe, she figured, she could pull in enough money to pursue her lifelong dream: to become a hair stylist.

Mora-Blanco’s team — 10 people in total — was dubbed The SQUAD (Safety, Quality, and User Advocacy Department).

They worked in teams of four to six, some doing day shifts and some night, reviewing videos around the clock. To protect You Tube’s fledgling brand by scrubbing the site of offensive or malicious content that had been flagged by users, or, as Mora-Blanco puts it, "to keep us from becoming a shock site." The founders wanted You Tube to be something new, something better — "a place for everyone" — and not another e Baum’s World, which had already become a repository for explicit pornography and gratuitous violence. Mora-Blanco recalls her teammates were a "mish-mash" of men and women; gay and straight; slightly tipped toward white, but also Indian, African-American, and Filipino.

In the process, they drew up some of the earliest outlines for what was fast becoming a new field of work, an industry that had never before been systematized or scaled: professional moderation.

By fall 2006, working with data and video illustrations from the SQUAD, You Tube’s lawyer, head of policy, and head of support created the company’s first booklet of rules for the team, which, Mora-Blanco recalls, was only about six pages long.

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Mora-Blanco got a title: content policy strategist, or in her words, "middle man." Sitting between the front lines and content policy, she handled all escalations from the front-line moderators, coordinating with You Tube’s policy analyst.

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