Free live sex chat sprint

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Free live sex chat sprint

My wife Debi had always been prone to showing off her body, and I fully admit that I was never one to stop her.A little over five feet tall, 110 pounds, toned and curvy, when compared to a more famous face, Halle Barry was the most used comparison. A stunner, from the first day of our marriage she always seemed to be testing how far she could push me, from the way she dressed to the way she barely hid her extra curricular sexual encounters, but pushing me was no easy task.I wanted her revved up, or “ready, willing, and able” as we like to tease. As soon as we unpacked in our hotel room, she was fast to sleep.At dawn I crept out of bed so as not to wake her, and left a note on the bed stand.So when I told her that we were taking a week to stay at a Caribbean beach house – a very private one with a swimming pool – the bikini she promised to wear for me did not surprise me.She was going to be surprised by what I had planned for her, but I was sure she’d enjoy it, and she did.I jerked off to that part of the movie throughout my teenage years.

The resort was a known haunt for local young men who put their cocks at your service, and I’d seen photos of the two “pool cleaners” and knew that Debi – drunk, horny, and still dreaming about the delivery man – wouldn’t be too resistant to their advances.It told her I had run to the local town to do the shopping, I didn’t wake her so she could sleep.I had already ordered a Champaign breakfast for her; it would be delivered at ten. I called her at quarter after ten to let tell the resort had called my cell phone, the pool still needed cleaning and a the crew would appear about 11.I teased her for one week prior to our leaving, making her jerk my cock onto her tits every night, with no sex for her, at least not my cock. We landed at dawn after one of the most uncomfortable rides of our lives.She could masturbate all she wanted, but only with her fingers as I had hid all her vibrators. The weather had been bad, the ride bumpy, and poor Debi clung to me and didn’t sleep a wink the entire way.

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It turns out it was just the guy – she was too scared to tell me the truth – and she later told me he’d been so excited to be with her that he came far too fast.

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