Free chennai mobile sex chating

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Free chennai mobile sex chating

This is a real true story that happened and now im sharing it with all you guys.After your done reading this story and are interested in pictures or videos, please email me at [email protected]& my wife seeing this enjoyed it and liked it and starting opening up more to sending more pictures and even more sexier ones.Let me tell you , the sex got sexier and crazier every night.

Then she turned him on his back and went down on him and sucked his dick every so nice. I went and passed her a condom and he put it on and then she positioned herself on top nicely and then i witnessed my best friend push his dick into my wifes pussy! Thank god i got it on video so if i need a refreshing moment. Then after riding she start jumping up and down on him hard and started to grind on his dick hard.So i teased my wife into maybe sending him one as a tease. So she was shy at first and allowed me to send a picture of her on all fours wearing see thru tights with a white thong(message me for picture).As soon as my best friend angel recieved that he flipped and was drooling via text lol.She first said no , but as time went on and we talked about it more , she finally agreed. I bought her a lacy hot pink outfit which she filled up ever so sexy! Little did he know whatever i was buying for my wife was eventually going to be for his pleasure.So i wanted it to be a surprise to my best friend angel. So that was friday , and the day after was the big day.

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