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A few days after an unprecedented March ice storm pummeled the area, the ground crunched underfoot.

A subversion of this trope can come into play when a newly-introduced character actually there before, but the characters believe they were due to Fake Memories or a Cosmic Retcon.

Eine Übersicht über Neue Serien in der Seriendatenbank findest Du hier. Die US-Serie The Walking Dead ist eine Adaption der gleichnamigen Comicbuchreihe von Robert Kirkman.

Darin geht es um eine Gruppe von Menschen, die nach der Apokalypse als letzte berlebende in einer Welt bestehen muss, die von Zombies bevlkert wird.

If the character is going to be killed off straight away, this trope can be used to turn him into a Mauve Shirt beforehand.

Compare Cain and Abel and Seth, Cousin Oliver and New Neighbours as the Plot Demands.

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The township ultimately decided on Clyo, like the Greek goddess Clios, the goddess of peace and contentment.