Differentiate between validating and non validating xml parser updating wordpress version

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Differentiate between validating and non validating xml parser

Enterprise Architect can now display an element that exceeds a budget or can isolate requirements that are associated with government legislation or company policy.It is also possible display elements based on a greater than or less than range.Decisions: Show the decisions window, search on verified decisions, new decisions and decisions with no effective date.Search and chart on recently created decisions, and recently effective decisions.Use the Insert Related Elements feature to automatically create a Traceability diagram that outlines each stage of the elements evolution.Kanban diagrams have been enhanced to allow you to visualize the current team resources allocations to the Kanban element, seeing what resource has been assigned, and how close to completion it is.This Cloning approach provides substantial benefits and allows you to take a snapshot in time of model development.

Traditional features like Lanes and Sublanes are also present, with a host of styling options available for color and font.Two new searches have been added giving quick access to all elements in the model with linked documents - or just the ones that have been modified recently.Element Tagged Value Filters can highlight diagram elements based on their corresponding Tagged Value.Rapidly switch between linked documents by single clicking elements in the project browser, diagrams or search results.The Document view also gives you access, through a handy draw down menu, to edit and reload the document, as well as setting the default zoom.

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Enterprise Architect 13 allows you to easily compare 'As-Is' and 'To-Be' models, being able to analyze a diagram to see exactly what changes occur at every iteration.

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