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He will be dearly missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing him. You were always welcome in his and his wife, Jean Wann Edward's, home and in their hearts. I was so saddened to hear that Becky had passed away.

Just know you have been and will continue to be in my prayers My heartfelt sympathy to Jaden's family and friends.(Acts ) On behalf of Rita Knight and her family I would like to express our families deepest sympathies to you Don, Donna and Susan and your extended families. Thank you for caring for Betty so well these past few years.She was a lovely lady with a bubbly personality and a smile that was warm and inviting. I admired her in so many ways, especially her caring for everyone else. I met her one time when she was 13 yrs old...passed away on my birthday....John and Susan Epperson The Ruidoso morning sun would barely be creeping through the windows, I’d be lying there in a half-dream state hearing his footsteps coming down the hall way passing through our bedroom as he darted into the bathroom for his morning shower. He was an All-State football player, a scratch golfer and club champion, a basketball player that I used to watch in the gym as a boy as he launched another 3 ball.I can still remember the room, the furniture, the excitement I would feel about the day ahead. I could hear the men on the other team chastising the guy guarding Dad, “You got to get up on him, you can’t let Coop shoot it! He had a seemingly endless Rolodex of “inspired by true events” stories that he accessed whenever the mood was right. By the time you know it’s happening, you’re already there.

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I loved the pride in his voice when we would stop together, survey our path below, and he’d say,”Tear it up, Son! Anyone who has ever skied knows the downtime on the lift, coupled with a three hour drive each way, and the conversations that one might have the time to have. Even exceed his accomplishments as is the dream of all good fathers for their children.

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