Dating rhinestones

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It’s always refreshing to meet a woman who isn’t a slave to fashion.

After all, the things that make a woman attractive over the long run are those invisible qualities that come from the heart.

The money came in handy, as you can imagine.” Our favorite story is the one she tells of the night she’d just won a naughty-wet-nightie contest in Fort Worth and was speeding to another contest in Dallas when she was stopped by a policeman.

“This guy pulls me over, comes up to the window and just stares.

Once settled in the Golden State, she enjoyed a normal childhood and attended Rio Americano High School where the glitz and glamor of Hollywood finally called her name after she dabbled in everything from scuba diving and piano to dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

At 16 years old, she started modeling to make extra money and, after high school, enrolled at the University of California Los Angeles.

“I was shy and would make the photographer turn his back when I changed poses,” Benton admitted.

She attended Haltom High School and for the past two years has been a full-time student at the local Tarrant County Junior College.

Vicki never liked disco and she’s less than enthusiastic about the trendy Western look.

“I never owned a pair of cowboy boots or a cowboy hat,” she says, “until Contributing Photographer Arny Freytag gave me some to wear for the pictorial.

I was wearing a soaking-wet nightgown, which, of course, was easy to see through, and I wasn’t wearing any underwear. If he doesn’t take me to jail, he’ll take me to a nut house.

But the cop had worked crowd control in those clubs before, and he understood when I told him that I was speeding in a wet nightgown because I had to hurry to enter a better-bottoms contest in Dallas. On a slow night, what cop wouldn’t be grateful for a conversation with Vicki in a wet nightgown? Fortunately for us, one of the goals she’s always wanted to achieve is becoming a Playmate.

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I suddenly wanted to learn more about emotions, partly because I wanted to understand myself. She won the $100 first prize hands down, which inspired her to try her luck in a variety of similar local contests.

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