Dating a traveling man

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Dating a traveling man

Some want added perks, like a shopping fee, on top of the free trip.

The romantic in me hates the idea of diluting a relationship into a business transaction, even though I'm not too much of a pollyanna to realize that all relationships are, in some way or another, a type of exchange.

Three weeks later I was boarding a plane to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a first date with a man I'd never met.

When E and I greeted each other at the airport, I was immediately struck by how non-awkward the whole situation was.

But I'm busy so I don't have time to get to know someone.

This simplifies things."In the weeks that followed, I would interview a lot of men and women who use the site, and the line "I'm busy so I don't have time to get to know someone" came up over and over again.

Or, you know, get a job and earn some money to take a trip on your own terms.But the part of me that's allergic to bullshit really admires how no-nonsense the site is, especially compared to the illusory ideals of Tinder, where the same men who feed you a feast of feminist terminology turn around and freak out when you don't want to sleep with them after your first date.In this way, there's something respectful about the candidness of Miss Travel; the act of saying "This is who I am and this is what I want," free of judgment from society at large. The PR contact responded with five candidates who were interested in going away with me—all of them were attractive, in my desired age range (27-35), and had impressive résumés.When I first told my friends that I was spending the weekend in a Mexican mansion on a date with a stranger, they thought I was insane."Diana, this sounds a lot like prostitution," they said with raised eyebrows and concerned stares.Indeed it did, and that's precisely what I thought when I first came across Miss Travel, an online travel dating site founded in 2012 by Brandon Wade, the same man behind the sugar baby/sugar daddy website Seeking

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"This isn't Seamless for Women," I was prepared to say when I arrived.

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  1. But, saying that, you know what they say about patience: it’s a virtue -- plus, good things apparently come to those who wait too, so maybe this is a good thing after all? There’s a huge variety of users, so everybody should be able to find somebody on it.