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Carbon dating game

It was happe times when richard got to work with luie.old luie showed him all the tricks you can do with shit nobody can see.But that's what radiochemistry is all about, is to identify the isotopes, and you know most of the isotopes that are in the isotope table were discovered by that gang at Berkeley. One of the problems with Geiger counters is, they have a wall, and a lot of the radioactive isotopes have very soft radiations, like tritium is extremely soft.In fact, they're called the Seaborg Tables." ----like i said, seaborg was the greatest alchemist of the 20th century. So we developed this instrument which had a screen, and wasn't absorptive.

So apparently the universe is expanding because of some bullshit richard muller and nasa did.apparently he had to move on to found berkeley earth to give his daughter something to do; to write silly books like 'physics for future presidents'; to dabble in the global warming hustle; to develop some telescope that can find supernovas automatically; and to teach our best and brightest brainwashed until 2009. As for accelerator mass spectronomy as a science, here's the famous paper that alvarez contributed to the narrative. No need to read them really.Now, this cross-disciplinary cooperation among scientists that was something that was in general peculiar to the Depression and more peculiar to Berkeley. This allowed us to make measurements of the very weakest radiation.Were you working with individuals from other disciplines right out of graduate school? So when Martin and Sam finally did find radiocarbon, they used my screen wall to do it.

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