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By Dana Cribari Copyright 2006 (BIO: Dana Cribari lives in Durango, Colorado with her two cats Winston and Celia.

An Astral Cord running between both of their Third Eye (forehead) Chakras.

Most of us unknowingly are energetic porcupines: we have Astral Cords protruding from us through a lifetime of un-cleared connections. If you want to 'uncord,' here are some simple steps to follow (with highest intent): 1.

In a world where most software products can be built and launched in a matter of months, Astral Capital focuses on Founder-owned businesses that have figured out how to grow aggressively without raising tons of equity.

This is our energetic home during our lives in our physical bodies.

Though we naturally energetically interface, consciously or unconsciously, with one another's auras, we also have a way to literally energetically 'hook up' with each other. (I've also heard them referred to as Akkacords or Accacords.) To me, Astral Cords look like rubbery, flexible, hollow light lines, connecting into my body.

Sometimes they have a couple of curved shaped hooks, attaching into me.

Sometimes I am very aware of them and sometimes I do not even know they are there.

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The Astral Cord bond can help us positively share information, emotion and energy more freely at the energetic/psychic level between one another-like between parent and child, husband and wife, or close friendships.

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