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Accomodating special need students

The margin of error for each jurisdiction’s inclusion rate was taken into account when comparing it to the corresponding inclusion goal.For example, if the point estimate of a state’s overall inclusion rate was 93 percent and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, the state was considered to have met the 95 percent inclusion goal because the 95 percent goal falls within the margin of error, which ranges from 90 percent to 96 percent.In the 20 results, data from both samples—that is, those in which accommodations were allowed, and those in which they were not—were reported. history have results with the split-sample design in the NDE.These results are in the Report Cards, and also may be seen on this site in the NAEP Data Explorer (NDE) by selecting the sample in which accommodations were not allowed (in addition to the accommodated sample that is selected by default for these years). In addition to the resources linked from the subject pages above (such as accommodations allowed, and percentages of SD and ELL students by state for mathematics and science assessments), the NDE contains average scores for students classified as LEP or ELL by their schools.

The new NAEP inclusion policy is an effort to ensure that this trend continues.

Only a small number of states included a smaller percentage of students in the 2011 NAEP mathematics assessments than in 2009.

Inclusion rates decreased by more than 1 percentage point for 3 of 52 jurisdictions at each grade.

Note that the results from this sample cannot be generalized to the total population of ELL students.

To find the average scores for ELL or LEP students, type "English" into the keyword search window and select the variables of interest.

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Determining whether each jurisdiction has met the NAEP inclusion goals involves looking at three different inclusion rates—an overall inclusion rate, an inclusion rate for SD students, and an inclusion rate for ELL students.

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